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Qualifications for the NIMAGA Cup

This event uses a team concept based on the format of the Ryder Cup series. Qualifications for your division’s team are based on points earned each year. The top twelve* point winners will receive an invitation to compete. The top point winner from each division will be the team captain. The captains select from the players left in the pool until they have reached the limit of 4 players from anyone division. Each team will have 2 pairs from each division and they will play against a pair from one of the other teams that are in the same division. Example Palmer pairs play against Palmer pairs, and so on. Everyone will be playing against players of similar handicaps.

How does a member earn NIMAGA Cup Points?
If a member is in the top 30% of the field in his respective division, the member earns NIMAGA Cup Points.

If a Player is has a * or ** by his name and is eligible for the minimum price, and would have finished
in the top 7 - 10 he will receive 20 points.

In a Three Division Tournament the points are earned in the division the member played in.

In a One or Two Division Tournament if a member earns NIMAGA Cup Points, the division is identified by looking at the handicap index ranges, then dividing the field into three divisions. If the point earner has a handicap index in the lower third of the field points the member is now placed in the Palmer, in the middle third the Player, and the highest third Trevino.

Should there be a tie in the last qualifying spot for any division, the tiebreaking method in determining who qualifies for the NIMAGA Cup Team is the most recent tournament earning points, with the highest points earned.

* If a board member and/or honorary board member are not in the top twelve of any division, then only eleven spots qualify for that division, along with board member or honorary board member that earned the highest number of points for that division.