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1960 - 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.  Click on a question to view (or hide) the answer.

  1. How do I become a NIMAGA Member?

  2. How do I pay for my NIMAGA membership?

  3. What is included with membership?

  4. What if my personal information has changed since last year, or does this year?

  5. What's the difference in Regular and Package Memberships?

Golf Genius
  1. What is Golf Genius and why are we using it?

  2. Is the Golf Genius App different than what is on the website? Do I need it?

  3. I downloaded the app but I do not see anything on it?

  4. I have the Golf Genius app for other organizations, can I access both NIMAGA and other events through Golf Genius?

  1. Who is NIMAGA's handicap provider?

  2. What if I already have a CDGA account?

  3. What handicapping system does the CDGA use?

  4. What scores do I need to report to the CDGA?

  5. When do I need to record my scores to the CDGA?

  6. How is my handicap identified for a tournament?

Tournament Registration
  1. How do I register for a tournament?

  2. Do I have to register on Golf Genius for a tournament if I am going to mail in my payment?

  3. Can I request to play with my guest or another participant?

  4. If I am a package member, do I need to register in the included events?

  5. If I am a package member and can't play in an included event, do I need to notify anyone?

  6. How do I check if I am registered for an event already?

  7. What do I do if I need to withdraw from an event?

  8. Can I register for events on the Golf Genius app?

  9. What is the last day I can register for a tournament?

  10. How do I know what division I will play in?

  11. Can I pay for skins when I register for an event?

  12. Can I bring a friend/guest to check out NIMAGA? What is the cost for the guest?

  13. How do I register a guest to play in a NIMAGA tournament?

  14. How do I find out my tee time?

  15. What is the waiting list?

  1. Does NIMAGA play by USGA rules?

  2. Does NIMAGA use the Local Rule for a ball hit out of bounds or a lost ball that allows for a drop after a 2 stroke penalty?

  3. Are measuring devices allowed in NIMAGA Tournaments?

  1. What should I do if I still have a question?

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