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C&G Match Play Tournament

2022 C&G Match Play Tournament (MPT) for NIMAGA Members

C&G MPT Directors: Frank Fiarito, Jim Dubay, John Johnston, & John Francel.

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Minimum Number of Rounds

Please be sure to review the C&G MPT Rules link (above).

You will need to continually post scores in order to meet eligibility requirements or the offending player will be assessed a penalty of losing the first 2 holes for that match.

Check the YTD Rnds (Rounds) by clicking here.

Round Date Min Scores Posted
By the end of Round 1 June 12 2
By the end of Round 2 July 20 3
By the end of Round 3 Aug. 25 4
By the end of Round 4 Sep. 15 5
Prior to Final Match TBD 6

Determine Handicaps

On the day of your match, to get the course adjusted handicaps that you will use,
  1. Handicap Indexes   (

    Click the above link then click on TODAY then click OK.
    Write down the USGA handicap index for yourself and your opponent.

  2. Course Data   (

    Click the above link to access "Member Club Course Ratings & Slope".
    Write down the Par, Rating, and Slope for the tees you will be using.

  3. Course Handicaps   (

    Click the above link then, for each player, enter the "Handicap Index", "Course Rating", "Slope Rating", and "Par" to to calculate each Course Handicap.
    This determines who gives or gets strokes (if any) in your match.

          Or use the NIMAGA Course Handicap Calculator to do all of the above.

Report Results

Both competitors are responsible for sending Match results to MPT Headquarters within 24 hours of playing.

MPT Adjusted Scores will be submitted to CDGA by MPT Headquarters.
Do NOT submit any MPT scores to CDGA!

Convey the following information in an email to
  • Date Played
  • Course Played
  • Course Par / Rating / Slope
  • Winner
  • Adjusted 18-Hole Score
  • Holes Up
  • Last Hole Played
  • If Tie, Last Hole Won
  • Opponent
  • Adjusted 18-Hole Score

Also, please email an image of an attested scorecard to the Tournament Directors.

The Net Double Bogey Calculator supports determining Adjusted 18-Hole Scores.



Posted: 03/15/2023

NIMAGA Notes – March 2023

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Posted: 10/13/2022

2023 Membership Information

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Posted: 10/13/2022

2023 Match Play Registration

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NIMAGA Hole-In-One Pot

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Hole-In-One Pot is $480.00
as of March 14, 2023