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Match Play Tournament

2017 Match Play Tournament (MPT) for NIMAGA Members

Tournament Directors: Carl Movrich & George Zdarsky

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Click here for the 2017 Match Play Rules.

Determine Handicaps

On the day of your match, to get the course adjusted handicaps that you will use,
  1. Go to to access your "Handicap Card" (IGH) Index and "Tournament Handicap" Indexes.  The latest revision date should be the same for both. Write down the lower of the two indexes for both you and your opponent.

  2. Go to the course website and write down the "Slope Rating" for the tees you will be using.  The middle tees will be used unless both you and your opponent agree to use another tee.

  3. Go to and enter the "Index" and "Rating" to get you and your opponent's course handicap.  The higher handicap gets the differential on the lowest numbered handicap holes.

    (The golf course can provide this information in case you need to verify it.)
Alternatively, use the new MPT Handicaps Calculator.
  • Do not use the MPT Handicaps Calculator for your match if the date of
    the Regular Handicap is before the date of the Tournament Handicap
    as Tournament Handicaps may be updated between Revision Dates.

Report Results

Both competitors are responsible for sending Match results to MPT Headquarters within 24 hours of playing.

MPT Adjusted Scores will be submitted to Interstate by MPT Headquarters. Do NOT submit any MPT scores to Interstate!

Convey the following information in an email to
  • Date Played
  • Course Played
  • Course Rating / Slope
  • Winner
  • Adjusted 18-Hole-Score
  • Holes Up
  • Last Hole Played
  • If Tie, Last Hole Won
  • Opponent
  • Adjusted 18-Hole-Score


2016 Match Play Tournament finalists

The final matches of the 2016 NIMAGA Match Play Tournament were played the last two Sundays at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville. In the Jones Division this past Sunday, Jeff Korkus arrived fairly confident that he was going to have a good result versus Dan Dorr. Even though Jeff probably would have preferred to play from the Black Tees, Jeff was a good sport about playing from the Blue Tees, which was probably the fair call seeing that Dan has never really had a power game, but relies more on consistency. Dan had won his four matches to this point by a total of five holes, and even more impressively, Jeff showed he is a clutch match player by winning his four matches by a total of four holes. Jeff wasn't perplexed at all in spotting Dan nine strokes, and set out to get his first MPT Championship on his first trip to the Finals in six tries since 2010. Jeff almost pulled off the feat; however, Dan played steady and managed to take Jeff to OT, and won on the first playoff hole 1 Up. This was Dan's second crown, in fact, Dan Dorr is the only competitor in the nine year history of the event to win an MPT Championship in both the Jones and Hogan Divisions, which he did in 2014, also on the first extra hole. Brandon Rowatt and Dan Montgomery joined the group at a reduced rate to witness the match.

In the Hogan Division, being a third time competitor in the MPT was the charm for this year's Champion Stephen Minakovic. In a tightly contested match, Stephen bested James Kotula 2 & 1, closing him out on the 17th hole. This was the first time that James competed in the NIMAGA Match Play Tournament, and his picture proves he was happy to be in the MPT, let alone the Finals. James' five matches in the MPT were all decided by a total of five holes, showing that he had the stamina and game to be in the Finals. Stephen, by the way, had the easiest time of the four finalists, getting there by winning his five matches by an average of two holes per match. NIMAGA veterans John Lemm and Bill Walsh joined the finalists, and also enjoyed a beautiful day at Mistwood.

Congratulations to Stephen Minakovic and Dan Dorr for an outstanding tournament! They will be rewarded with $140 in NIMAGA Certificates, a Championship plaque, the gratis round of golf at Mistwood, and a qualification for this weekend's NIMAGA NPC. For finishing in second place, James Kotula and Jeff Korkus each received a $90 NIMAGA Certificate, and the NPC qualification.
Also winning NIMAGA Certificates in the tournament were:

Quarter-Final Winners ($55 each)
Dave Martinek
Tom Jenks
Frank Fiarito
Tom O'Brien

Second Round Winners ($25 each)
Larry Zakosek
Cliff Levy
Tom Gearhart
Mark Heinsohn
John Oh
John Lemm
Bob Lake
Matthew McHugh

Thanks again to all the participants for another successful NIMAGA Match Play Tournament. Special thanks also go out to Shawn Pipes for all the timely MPT updates on

Carl Movrich & George Zdarsky
Match Play Tournament Directors


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Posted: 12/11/2017

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