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C&G Match Play Tournament

2019 C & G Match Play Tournament (MPT) for NIMAGA Members

Tournament Directors: Ray Riemer, Tim Jordan & Terry Boksha

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** 2 NEW RULES for 2019 **
1. In order to establish C & G MPT eligibility, a participant must have done BOTH of the following:
    - Complete 1 NIMAGA event AND post 2 scores to the IGH Handicapping service by the end of the first round of the C & G MPT.
       - If this requirement is not met, the player will be deemed ineligible for the C and G MPT, his first round match will be considered a forfeit and the entry fee will NOT be reimbursed.

1. C & G MPT matches will NOT be allowed during regular NIMAGA stroke play events.
    - We do not want to negatively impact pace of play during stroke play events

Determine Handicaps

On the day of your match, to get the course adjusted handicaps that you will use,
  1. Go to to access your "Handicap Card" (IGH) Index and "Tournament Handicap" Indexes.  The latest revision date should be the same for both. Write down the lower of the two indexes for both you and your opponent.

  2. Go to the course website and write down the "Rating / Slope" for the tees you will be using.  The middle tees will be used unless both you and your opponent agree to use another tee.  For accuracy, get the Rating / Slope from CDGA.

  3. Go to and enter the "Index" and "Rating" to get you and your opponent's course handicap.  The higher handicap gets the differential on the lowest numbered handicap holes.
Alternatively, use the new MPT Handicaps Calculator.
  • Do not use the MPT Handicaps Calculator for your match if the date of
    the Regular Handicap is before the date of the Tournament Handicap
    as Tournament Handicaps may be updated between Revision Dates.

Report Results

Both competitors are responsible for sending Match results to MPT Headquarters within 24 hours of playing.

MPT Adjusted Scores will be submitted to Interstate by MPT Headquarters. Do NOT submit any MPT scores to Interstate!

Convey the following information in an email to
  • Date Played
  • Course Played
  • Course Rating / Slope
  • Winner
  • Adjusted 18-Hole-Score
  • Holes Up
  • Last Hole Played
  • If Tie, Last Hole Won
  • Opponent
  • Adjusted 18-Hole-Score

2018 C and G MPT FINALS!

The final matches of the 2018 C&GMPT were played on Friday, Sept 28th at The Preserve at Oak Meadows in Addison.  The four finalists earned their way to the Finals this day by winning their previous four matches, and the right to compete for their respective Division's Championship on this beautiful and demanding golf course.  This was a stiff test of golf with the Hogan division going off of the blue tees (134 slope) while the Jones division played from a black/blue hybrid tees (136 slope).  To further add to the difficulty, the weather turned on us with frequent light rain and temperatures hovering in the low 50s.


In the Hogan Division, Sal Lombardi, Sr., playing in his first MPT Finals, beat Ray Riemer (also in his first final match) to the tune of 5&4.  Sal went 2 up in the first 4 holes and Ray never recovered as the weather worsened.  Sal was relentless and played great throughout, stretching the lead on the back nine and finishing off Ray with a 22 foot putt on the 14thhole to seal the deal.  Ray knew it would be a test based on the handicap differential but in the end, it was Sal’s consistent play that was the determining factor.  Terry Boksha was the playing marshal for this group.  Many thanks to Terry for enduring the wet and cold conditions. 


The Jones Division match was a much tighter affair, with Ron Potocnik battling Mayur Patel to extra holes before winning in 19 holes.  The match seesawed throughout with each man holding hole advantages yet battling back to force it to 19 holes.  Mayur was down 2 after 15, yet managed to win 16 & 17 to draw the match to even.  But Ron prevailed on the first extra hole to take the title.   This was Ron and Mayur’s first time participating in Match Play and they took it to the limit.  Mayur even overcame a defeat in round 1 but re-entered and made it to the finals.  Tim Jordan was their playing marshal.  Thanks, Tim!


One last thanks to the handful of NIMAGA reps who accompanied the final event.

Congratulations to Sal Lombardi, Sr. and Ron Potocnik for an outstanding tournament!  They will each be rewarded with a $172 NIMAGA Certificate, Championship plaque, and received the gratis round of golf at Oak Meadows, and a qualification for the NPC.  For finishing in second place, Ray Riemer and Mayur Patel each will receive a $112 NIMAGA Certificate, and also an NPC qualification.


The C&GMPT prize payouts were:



Mike Lyman              Jones Division               Q finals                       $28.00

Jonathon Tran           Jones Division               finals                       $28.00

Frank Fiarito              Jones Division               Q finals                       $28.00

James Dubay             Jones Division               Q finals                       $28.00

Mario Conte              Jones Division               Semi finals                  $65.00

Stan Hilty                  Jones Division               Semi finals                  $65.00

Mayur Patel             Jones Division              Runner-up                   $112.00

Ron Potocnik           Jones Division              Champion                    $172.00


Ken Koranda             Hogan Division             Q finals                        $28.00

George Zdarsky        Hogan Division             Q finals                        $28.00

Micheal Wolfe         Hogan Division              Q finals                        $28.00

Dave Martinek         Hogan Division             Q finals                         $28.00

Dennis Samoska        Hogan Division            Semi finals                   $65.00

Jim Kotula                 Hogan Division             Semi finals                   $65.00

Ray Riemer             Hogan Division             Runner-up                    $112.00

Sal Lombardi, Sr      Hogan Division            Champion                     $172.00

As most of you know, this is the first year that this tournament is under new management.  I want to thank George Zdarsky and Carl Movrich for trusting me with their tournament that they started in 2008.  To that end, the tournament was renamed to withhold that legacy.  I hope that myself and the new governing body has done them proud.


Thanks to all who participated in this year’s event and we hope you will enroll for next year.


Ray Riemer

Tim Jordan

Terry Boksha




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