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Golf Association

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2017 Tournament Schedule
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2017 Tournament Results
Tournament Name Date Divisions
Spring Thaw April 15, 2017 Palmer Player Trevino
April Midweek April 26, 2017 Low High
May Jamboree May 6, 2017 Palmer Player Trevino
May Midweek May 15, 2017 Low High
NIMAGA Cup May 24, 2017 All
Summer Classic June 4, 2017 Palmer Player Trevino
June Midweek June 14, 2017 Palmer Player Trevino
Senior Open June 27, 2017 Low High
Club Championship July 15 & 16, 2017 Low High
July Midweek July 25, 2017 Low High
August Classic (North) Aug. 5, 2017 Low High
August Classic (South) Aug. 6, 2017 Low High
August Midweek Aug. 14, 2017 Low High
NIMAGA Players Championship Aug. 26 & 27, 2017 All
Two-Man Better Ball Sep. 10, 2017 Low High

Recent Tournament Notes

Mike Henry wins 36 hole 2017 NIMAGA Players Championship with a 149 gross score!

On August 26 and 27th, the NIMAGA Players Championship was determined. 

Mike Henry wins NIMAGA Players Championship with a 36 hole gross score of 149.

Jeff Korkus takes 2nd in NIMAGA Players Champsionship with 36 hole gross score of 153.

Mike Zdarsky NIMAGA Players Champions 1st Net with a six under 136.

William Schultz not pictured was 2nd Net with a 4 under 138.


Nick DiCosola was 3rd NET with a three under 139.

Wayne Kencharek was 4th NET with a one under 141.

John Widzisz took 5th NET after a playoff.


On May 24th, the annual NIMAGA Cup competition was held at
Village Greens of Glen Ellyn, and the Red Team emerged victorious. 
Congratulations to Captain David Brandhorst and his team on a well-played victory! 

Doug McKirahan, Wayne Kencharek, Jeff Toth, Dan Plens,
Dick Freund, Robert Westberg, David Brandhorst, Sal Lombardi, Sr.,
Larry Zaoksek, Perry Variano, Ken Koranda, and Ray Riemer.


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Posted: 12/11/2017

2018 Membership Application

To join NIMAGA, apply by mail or online.

Posted: 09/23/2017

NIMAGA Notes — September 2017

Latest news and updates about our golf tour. View Notes.  Visit the Notes archive.

Posted: 08/16/2017

Player Championship Qualifiers

Click here for the NPC Qualifiers.


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