Northern Illinois Men's Amateur
Golf Association

NIMAGA - Northern Illinois Men's Amateur Golf Association


NIMAGA Anniversary!
1960 - 2024

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Information about the Chicago District Golf Association for NIMAGA members.

If you play somewhere that is "in season" then save your scorecards to post later.
You should report all "in season" rounds played – both 18-hole and 9-hole rounds.

When submitting non-tournament scores to CDGA choose Hole by Hole scoring!
Here is a Net Double Bogey Calculator to get an adjusted score from a scorecard.

If you renewed your CDGA membership for 2024 through another club or league and
that club or league doesn't require it then contact Jodi Ciotti at the CDGA for a refund.

You should maintain your Personal Info as you see fit. 
The image below shows a sample My Personal Information page.