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NIMAGA Notes - October 2009

Celebrating 50 Years
Serving the Greater Chicagoland Area

NIMAGA General Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday November 3rd

Each year the NIMAGA Board of Directors holds a general meeting for all active members. The purpose of this meeting is to allow the Board a chance to bring the membership together and discuss important topics, solicit ideas for the upcoming year and bring the organization together in a social setting. This year we have scheduled this meeting on Tuesday November 3rd. The meeting is at 7:00 pm and will be held at Mullen’s Bar and Grill and we have reserved a room. Mullen’s is located at 3380 Warrenville Road on the corner of Naperville Rd. and Warrenville and is just off I-88 in Lisle Illinois. Please join us!

NIMAGA Crowns its 2009 “Players Champions”

In September, we held our newly named Players Championship, formerly known as the Tournament of Winners. On September 12th and 13th at Broken Arrow Golf Club and Coyote Run Golf Club Nimaga top players battled the best payers of the year in this qualifying event. Please check out the results on the Nimaga Homepage for complete results.

2009 Players Champions
Low Gross Winner Low Net Winner

Mike Krueger

Mark Cummings
Congratulations to other notable finishers in the Players Championship:
Gross Division Net Division
T2nd- Steve Mueller 2nd- John Brdecka
T2nd- Doug Gonzalez 3rd- Tim Prentiss
  4th- Ken Koranda & 5th- Dan Dorr

NIMAGA Match Play Comes to an Exciting Conclusion !!!

It all began back in May with two divisions, the Hogan and Jones and 30 matches and four months later it finally came to a very exciting finish. This year's Match Play Tournament finals were played at Cog Hill #4-Dubsdread, home of the BMW Championship. The weather was great, and the course was set up for the BMW, spectator stands and all. Dubs played long and tough for the competitors, with the roller coaster greens being as fast and difficult as could be imagined.

In the Hogan division Tim Prentiss defeated Robert Yedinak 3 &1 and Dave Clay defeated Mark Cummings in the Jones division. Congratulations to Tim and Dave for their Championship play and for surviving this competitive event.

We also want to thank all of our members for helping make this event a huge success. A very special thank you goes out to members Carl Movrich and George Zadarsky for their special effort in directing this event and the commitment to NIMAGA and our entire membership!

Congratulations to our Palmer Division Winners
From the rescheduled event September 27th @ Springbrook

Low Gross Winner: Tom Niketopolous
Low Net Winner: Dave Dianovky

NIMAGA Brings Home the Milwaukee Challenge Match Cup!

This year 38 Nimaga players headed north to take on 38 players from the Wisconsin Area in what has become a truly spirited event that is in its 36th year. This match play event is truly a special historical competition that ends with a steak fry and wonderful conversation. This year Nimaga was able to put together some very steady play from many players to secure a resounding 65½ - 48-½ victory. This year we had the following Nimaga members help win the cup by winning all three points in their individual match:

Brian Alberts, Rich Bordwell, John Brdecka, Frank Fiarito, Jeremy Frew, Tim Jordan, Ken Koranda, Charles Kuhn, Steve Mueller, Doug Orlando, Wesley Stinich and Val Russell. Congratulations to the entire Nimaga team! If you missed this event please try and play next year!

NIMAGA Attempts to De -Thrown the Weekly Challenge

On Saturday, September 26th sixteen NIMAGA players traveled to Whisper Creek Golf club in an attempt to win the elusive Nimaga vs. Weekly Challenge Cup that has been out of our grasp. This year our play was very competitive and the matches resulted in a 12-12 tie allowing the Weekly Challenge Group to retain the Cup. This year the event had a special feeling as we all remembered our golfing friend Mr. Phil Kosin who started the challenge between the two organizations years ago. As a tribute to Mr. Kosin we rightfully have named the Cup in his Honor. So this year our friends at Weekly Challenge once again hold on to the Kosin Cup. This was clearly the closest match we have had and we all know that Mr. Kosin would have enjoyed the competition! Below are the individual match results. As difficult as they are to review; it was a very competitive and spirited match!

John Brdecka-13 3 and 1 1 Dennis Karns-13 0
John Snow – 12 3 and 1 1 Ken Smith -17 0
Team Match #1 3 and 2 1 0
Brian Alberts – 24 2 and 1 1 Dave Calhoun –20 0
John Johnston – 25 0 Cliff Levy – 29 4 and 3 1
0 Team Match #2 1 up 1
Carl Movrich – 15 AS .5 Steve Jaffe –11 AS .5
Jeremy Frew – 16 1 up 1 Claudia Wciorka - 9 0
0 Team Match #3 7 and 5 1
Jim Cuny – 9 2 up 1 Rick Hoffman - 6 0
Mark Cummings 11 1 up 1 Tom Hoffman - 8 0
Team Match #4 AS .5 .5
Tim Jordan – 6 1 up 1 Mark Smolens - 7 0
Chris Serbin – 4 1 up 1 Scott Mortenson-6 0
0 Team Match #5 1 up 1
Robert Yedinak - 16 0 Larry Featherstone –10 2 and 1 1
Ken Koranda - 15 0 Jessica Styrczula – 16 2 up 1
0 Team Match #6 5 and 4 1
Tom Gearhart – 16 AS .5 Bill Bafia – 15 AS .5
Mark Heinshon – 22 0 Bruno Styrczula – 18 6 and 5 1
0 Team Match #7 1 up 1
Robert Westberg -16 0 Mike Zicha – 15 6 and 4 1
Dave Brandhorst – 22 AS .5 Jim Rupany – 16 AS .5
Team Match #8 1 up 1 0


Hole in One at the Weekly Challenge Event

Even though NIMAGA did not bring home the Cup there was a special highlight during the competition. Our very own NIMAGA member Mr. David Brandhorst struck a five iron on the par three 14th for an ACE! Congratulations to Dave for this accomplishment!

Member News

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