NIMAGA - Northern Illinois Men's Amateur Golf Association

NIMAGA Notes - May, 2009

Celebrating 50 Years
Serving the Greater Chicagoland Area


At the Masters on Friday (2nd day) and at our opening event at Gleneagles we had this rule applied. For Padraig Harrington he addressed the ball then backed away from the ball HOWEVER the wind moved the ball and he incurred a one stroke penalty and was required to replace the ball at its original location. In the NIMAGA event a player accidentally moved his ball prior to making a stroke. Again the player is required to replace the ball at the original location and a one stroke penalty is incurred. For further detail read Rule 18-2 in the USGA rules of Golf.


The Match play event of the Year will be played at the Red Tail Golf Course in Lakewood on Sunday May 17, 2009. Team mates will receive matching NIMAGA Cup hats and will play for divisional honors. Last year’s winners the Trevino Division will fight again for the bragging rights. If you’ve qualified, been invited, and have not already notified your captain, please do so immediately.

NIMAGA Member Guest – Prairie Landing

This years Annual Member Guest Tournament is celebrating our 50th Anniversary. If you have not already signed up, please do so quickly. You may invite as many guests as you want. We’d like this to be our largest Member Guest event and there will be some special guests, a few 50th sparkling words and of course your being there will make this one of our most special events ever.

Applications are also due in the near future for NIMAGA June Classic Saturday June 6, NIMAGA June Mid-week Tuesday June 16 and NIMAGA Seniors Tuesday June 23.

SALVATION ARMY GOLF DAY 2009 Thursday June 25, 2009 Bartlett Hills

Past President of NIMAGA, Roger Scott has established a charity golf event benefiting the Salvation Army. Cost is $95 per golfer and includes golf, cart, and dinner. 2 divisions – one an individual handicap division playing your own ball and the other a scramble division. There will also be a silent auction following diner. Contact Roger Scott at 630-483-4320 or email


Everyone in NIMAGA should be aware that NIMAGA has a “slow” Pace of Play rule. This is not a USGA rule, but rather what is referred to under the rules of golf as a local rule. Here it is…

The Pace of Play Rule is: If a group finishes 14-18 minutes behind the group in front of them, and 26 minutes or more behind two groups in front of them 1 Stroke Penalty  19 minutes or more behind the group in front of them, AND 26 minutes or more behind two groups in front of them 2 Stoke Penalty.  Groups finishing beyond the above time lines will be brought to the attention of NIMAGA's Board for what ever action the Boards chooses. Please note this rule includes leniency and thus any group which does not finish within these time allowances will be assessed the penalty. Also note this rule is based on the "group," it is not acceptable for the first player of a group to hole out on the last hole and run into the club house. The "group" has not finished until the last player holes out on the last hole.

The NIMAGA Board will highlight this year changes that all players can use to become a faster player.

There are many 15 second changes that each player can use to improve their pace of play. The Board does not wish to give out any further penalties this year so our goal will be to teach each player to play faster. All NIMAGA Stroke play events allow each player to play READY GOLF. Ready golf permits and encourages each player to play when ready. If on the next tee the player with the lowest score does not need to play first so if you are ready to play first-Do So!! If you look across the fairway to see who is away just go ahead and play your shot and don’t worry about who was the furthest from the hole. The golf courses that NIMAGA conducts our events on do not permit us to play slowly so we need each players help to avoid slow play. If our first group plays in 4:15 we would like our last group to play about the same time.


The NIMAGA notes from last month thanked a number of partners who permitted NIMAGA flyers at their shops. If you have a relationship with any Golf Course, Driving Range or Golf Shop please assist us to put the NIMAGA flyer at their locations. NIMAGA business cards should be in the golf bag and wallets of all our players. Please take 5 cards at your next event and keep them available to pass out to golfers you might meet. More than 50% of all players who play in NIMAGA have found us via friend to friend connection. We also wish to thank NIMAGA friend Phil Kosin of Chicagoland Golf for his support from his free newspaper as well as his radio golf show on the Score 670 radio. NIMAGA was promoted with a seven minute interview on his program that is on each Saturday from 6-8 AM.

50th Anniversary Story

In the mid 1980’s the B Division event was being held at the now closed Four Winds golf club. In walked Evil Knieval prior to a fast 9 holes of golf. The tournament directors Wally Svihula and Roger Scott asked course owner “Herman” what was he doing there? They were pals so a short while later we saw Evil finishing his 9 holes so we asked Herman “How was he doing?” Herman replied that he was about to lose $5000. $5000 we said in shock but Herman said “That’s no big deal” as the biggest money match in the state of Illinois was held at Four Winds each week. There are 4 players each in a cart with each player having a watcher in a cart for each opponent so there were 16 carts going down the fairway with the 4 players. Herman said that last Tuesday $158,000 in cash changed hands. If you have any stories from our past please let us know.