NIMAGA - Northern Illinois Men's Amateur Golf Association

NIMAGA Notes - June 2009

Celebrating 50 Years
Serving the Greater Chicagoland Area


During the spring events we often face conditions that require the tournament directors to amend the embedded ball rule. Recently the Board of directors has decided to apply a change that will apply to our remaining tournaments. The current embedded ball rule reads that a player only receives relief if the ball lies in a closely mown area. This means that the ball must be in the fairway or a path mown to fairway height in order to get relief without penalty. During the upcoming events the Board of Directors has decided to allow relief for any ball outside a hazard that is embedded. In future events this change should be outlined on the first tee as groups tee off. If you have questions or need a rules clarification please ask your tournament director at the next event. For further detail read Rule 18-2 in the USGA rules of Golf.


The Match play took place at the Red Tail Golf Course in Lakewood on Sunday May 17, 2009. This year the Trevino Division attempted to defend their title but came across a very hungry Palmer Division. This spirited event is always played for the bragging rights and to claim the coveted Nimaga Cup! Congratulations to the Palmer Division!

NIMAGA Member Guest Held at Prairie Landing on May 19th

This year the event was held on May 19th and we had a great spring day! This year we had approximately 72 players and over thirty guests who were exposed to all that Nimaga has to offer. Make plans for next year to bring a guest or several. Winners and are listed below:

Member Low Handicap
1st $50 / Clock Tom Niketopoulos
2nd $30 John Pichla
T3rd $20 Rich Zaber & Dave Serdar
Member High Handicap
1st $50/ Clock John Brdecka
T2nd $28 Carl Movrich & Rob Murgas
Guest w/Handicap Low
1st $50 / Clock Sam Serdar
2nd $40 Dave Dolinky
Guest w/Handicap High
1st $75 / Clock Phil Prince
2nd $40 Jerome Wilmot
Guest no Handicap Low
1 st $50 / Clock Doug Smith
2 nd $30 Trey Morris
Guest no Handicap High
1 st $50 / Clock Bob Williams
2 nd $30 Alan Dubrow

Congratulations to our June winners


Palmer Division Player Division Trevino Division
Low Gross- Tony Zolman Low Gross- Rick Sigerich Low Gross Lee Waedekin
Low Net- John Snow Low Net- Chuck Rose Low Net- William Kolton


Low Division High Division
Low Gross- Sam Lentine Low Gross- Roger Scott
Low Net- Dave Dianovsky Low Net- Mark Heinsohn


Low Division High Division
Low Gross- Mike Krueger Low Gross- Doug Peters
Low Net- Al Leitschuh Low Net- Brian Alberts

Reporting Scores

Each year the Nimaga Board of directors reminds players that turning in scores in a timely manner is essential for us to run equitable and fair tournaments. Each year we continue to run into situations where a member has not done so. Please note that the Nimaga Board has on occasion placed players on a watch list and in extreme cases suspended players who have not turned in scores. Please know that we regret to take any disciplinary action against any member but we also know that having a creditable handicapping system is vital to the success of our tournaments. We are requesting that all members heed this urging and ensure that all scores are reported. Failure to do so can put you on a “watch list.”


Saturday July 11th - Freedom Open
Wednesday July 22nd - Midweek@ George W. Dunn
Saturday / Sunday August 1st & 2nd - Championship