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NIMAGA Notes - July 2009

Celebrating 50 Years
Serving the Greater Chicagoland Area

RULES CORNER: Ball Deflected / Strikes Player, Partner, Caddie or Equipment

During a recent tournament, a member and his group were faced with a rule circumstance. During the play of a hole the ball bounced back and hit the player after making a shot. After the incident the group had a debate about how to proceed and brought the situation to the rules committee. It is not unthinkable that a ball, when hit from a hazard or in an attempt to clear trees gets deflected back at a player, his partner or his equipment. One does not have to look very deep in the Rules of Golf to find the answer under Rule 19. Rule 19-2 states “that a ball that is deflected or stopped by himself, his partner or either of their caddies or equipment is subject to a ONE stroke penalty.” Furthermore, the ball must be played as it lies except when it comes to rest in or on a player, his partner or their equipment in which case the ball must be dropped or on the putting green be placed as near as possible to the spot directly under the place where the ball came to rest.

So next time you’re on the course, don’t get caught in limbo, know the rules! USGA rules of Golf.

NIMAGA Gear for Sale

At upcoming events you will notice items being sold to our members. Over the past few years we have collected excess items from the many events we hold and we are offering these items at really discounted prices. So next time your at an event plan to pick up a Nimaga Anniversary glass, tote, drizzle stick or maybe a duffle bag. Later in August you will see these posted on our Website for your review. Help support the organization!

NIMAGA Reaches Out Beyond Our Tournaments

Recently NIMAGA helped sponsor the Illinois Women’s Open as our group has assisted with this state championship event in the past. It was held at the Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville on July 23-25. Nimaga has always supported golf in the Chicago land area and the Board feels a responsibility to give back each year! A special thank you should go out to Nimaga’s past president, Mr. Roger Scott, for helping Nimaga stay active in this support!

Congratulations to our July winners


Palmer Division Player Division Trevino Division
Low Gross- Doug Gonzalez Low Gross- Larry Goldberg Low Gross- Robert Westberg
Low Net- Caleb Chandler Low Net- Bradley Kunas Low Net- John Serola


Low Division High Division
Low Gross- Mike Krueger Low Gross- Rich Sigerich
Low Net- Kevin McInerney Low Net- Dave Koenigs

Nimaga Gets Promoted On the Radio

Mike Munro of the White Pines Golf Dome co-hosts a radio program on 1530AM on Monday’s from 6-7 PM. This is a low powered station in Elmhurst that all NIMAGA members may not be able to get but they want to listen in if they have the opportunity. Mike and his show have been kind enough to promote NIMAGA and you might find it adds to your golfing fun. Mike Munro is also a founder of the MM Players Club which allows access to a number of Private Country Clubs at discounted rates. If anyone is interested in joining, look them up on the web at MM Players Club and ask Mike for the NIMAGA discount. In addition to Mike’s radio show you can also get your weekend golf fix by tuning into Phil Kosin of Chicago land Golf, who promotes NIMAGA, on his 670 AM radio show from 6-8 AM Saturday mornings. Tune in to this show and hear all the local information about area golf news!

Turning Scores In

Peer review is what the in USGA requires of any golf association. This simply means that you can see if your friend turned in that really low round that will lower their handicap. NIMAGA requires that all scores be turned in within the handicap period that they are recorded. So if you are a 10 handicap and you shoot a 75 it should be turned in before the next reporting period. If a NIMAGA member fails to turn in a low score that has been reported to us we will consider lowering your handicap. Our dual handicap system has made it fair for all our players but ONLY if they turn in all their scores.

Courses for Next Year

Each year the Board of Directors has to review the schedule for following year and try and decide which courses they will be attempting to schedule. The Board is interested in hearing the membership’s feedback on course we have played and any that we should consider. In addition, if you have suggestions or feedback on anything please feels free to share them with a any of board members. We are all interested in making Nimaga better and your feedback can help! You can find all of our directors on the website at


Sunday August 16th- August Classic
Saturday & Sunday Sept. 12th &13th- Players Championship (Qualifying Event)
Saturday September 19th- Milwaukee Challenge Event
Sunday October 4th- Two Man Event

NIMAGA- Not just better Golf - A better life!