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September 2008 

GOLFTEC Support and Gift certificates for NIMAGA Members

Every regular Monthly NIMAGA Tournament, within each division, GOLFTEC has offered a free 1 hour evaluation gift certificate to a golfer selected at random from our tournament: To be eligible, you must register to play and complete the round. Prior winners throughout the year are no longer eligible for the remainder of the calendar year.

Golftec Winners for August
Dave Sieger, Bruce Miller, Sean Johnson

NIMAGA/Milwaukee Public Links
Challenge Match - 35th Year!

The match will consist of a match play event competition between teams from each association. NIMAGA leads the Challenge Match series 17 to 15. The 1987 and 1998 matches were halved. After the competition there will be a steak cookout at Evergreen for all NIMAGA and MCPLA team members. The entry fee for the event (including green fee, cart, memento and the cookout) is $76.00. We are looking for 40 guys to fill the field and currently 12-15 spots are still open. If interested, contact John Brdecka  Several members go up on Friday to play a practice round at near by courses, have a Wisconsin Friday night fish fry spend the night so they don’t have to drive up early Saturday morning. Interested in this, let John know when contacting him.

Turning Scores In

A few members may have noticed that there is a double star behind their name on the tee sheet. NIMAGA has a requirement of turning in a requisite number of scores that builds over the year.  Turned in enough scores to qualify? Here are the requirements for the rest of the year:

August least 8

Autumn least 10

Two Man least 12

Any member who does not fulfill the foregoing requirements for a tournament will be eligible in that tournament to win no more than a $15 minimum prize.

October Two Man Best Ball Tournament Saturday October 4

The last of the year tournament features a team competition two man best ball. Interested in playing and you don’t have a partner? Enter anyway and we’ll find someone for you. Better yet, if you are playing in September, ask people who you’ve played with to see if they are available, this way you’ll know your playing with someone of similar skills. This is always a fun event and members have requested we continue this long standing end to the tournament golf season.

NIMAGA Tournament of Winners August 16th and 17th

NIMAGA’s 31st Annual Tournament of Winners
Saturday and Sunday August 16th and 17th, 2008

Blackberry Oaks

72 players qualified and 61 entered this year’s club championship event.

After a hole-in-one on # 8 in a Thursday practice round, Val Russell, Hampshire, was spurred on to his life time and tournament best 2 under 70 to lead Saturday. Russell who’s handicap was 10 (likely going down) said “it was just like on TV.” I hit a 25 ft birdie on hole 11 and then just kept hitting it close and making the putts.” Six birdies on the back nine for a 31. “You get into this zone where you think you can stiff each pin, read each putt and they all go in… and they did!” Russell led in the low gross by 4 shots and low net by 7 going into Sunday.

Playing in the last group on Sunday with Ron Peterson, Orland Park, John Pichla, Park Ridge and Dan Dorr of Glenview, Russell knew he had a fair size lead, of 4 shots over Pichla and 5 shots over Peterson. Peterson was not to be deterred. He gained 1 shot on the front nine with a 38 over Russell’s 39. Peterson came through the back nine at one under 35 to finish at 73 and a two day low gross of 148. “My game was real solid today, and I really enjoyed the competition” Peterson said to NIMAGA’s President John Brdecka. Russell finished with a two day gross 150 after finishing the back nine at 41. Russell however won the Low Net prize at 130 (14 under par). Brad Kunas, Villa Park came in 2nd at 135, 3rd place went to Rick Siegerich (137), Downers Grove who beat Dan Farinosi, Hoffman Estates, in a 3 hole playoff and 5th place went to Dan Dorr with a 139.

Frequently Asked Questions
There is a new FAQ link on the menu. Check it out and hopefully it will help with those common questions that come before the board.

Looking forward to next year…  2009 is NIMAGA’s 50th Anniversary

A committee has been formed to consider what might be done to celebrate this milestone. Have some ideas? We’d like to hear them. Committee members are Val Russell, Frank Fiarito and Roger Scott. Contact any or all. It’s been a while since we sold NIMAGA shirts, hats and other apparel – let us know if that is something you would support? Don’t forget to mention to your friends and associates about NIMAGA so they are primed and ready to join for 2009! Let’s make NIMAGA’s 50th anniversary year a special one!

Rules Corner

Reply from USGA on Marking of golf ball on green…

In reply to your email, please refer to Decision 20-1/16, which will provide the answer to your question.  A player is not required to mark the position of his ball before moving it if he places the back or toe of the putterhead next to the ball, aligns the putterhead on a fixed object and then moves the ball from the back to the toe of the putterhead or vice versa.  In this case, the back or toe of the putterhead is marking the position of the ball while it is being moved.  Otherwise, the position of the ball must be marked before it is lifted under a Rule that requires it to be replaced. If it is not marked, the player incurs a penalty of one stroke - see Rule 20-1.

New Rules on Distance and advise for 2008

Advice -— Amended to allow the exchange of information on distance, as it is not considered to be “advice.”

Text in 2004
Information on the Rules or on matters of public
information, such as . . ., is not

Text in 2008
Information on the Rules, distance or matters of public
information, such as . . ., is not

Have a question about a rule? Send us an email.

For further info on this rule and others go to the USGA website

Slow Play improves! Still some are having a difficult time

No one like penalties in golf – NO ONE! Including and especially those who have been charged with running the NIMAGA events.  Slow play has had NIMAGA excluded from some golf courses, has caused some members to resign, and frustrates many golfers. Likely the cause of slow play is a lost ball or one or more player who has taken on some slow habits. If you notice the group in front of you getting further ahead, identify this to everyone in your group and say we need to pick up the pace or we will be behind, play ready golf. Honor’s is just a courtesy in stroke play, so hit and move on.  If one or more are still playing slow and your getting further behind, mention this again saying “ we need to pick it up and catch up to the group ahead”. If this is still a problem, do what you feel you should within reason and come in a let the tournament director know WHY you believe your group was late. We kindly ask that when told you have exceeded the pre-set time limits and have been told to add strokes to your score that you NOT blame the tournament volunteers and take your frustration out on them. We are an amateur organization, that does not mean you can or should be less than professional when it comes to how you treat others during and after the events.   

Members News

Holes-in-one don’t happen often but timing is everything!

While playing a practice round at Blackberry Oaks on Thursday August 14, Val Russell hit a 4 iron from about 175 yards on the 8th hole to record his second lifetime hole-in-one. Playing with Val and witnessing this rare feat were John Brdecka, Brian Alberts and Jim Wojcik. When telling the Pro shop about this following the round, they said you should have waited till Saturday when 61 NIMAGA members would be there to celebrate? Russell said NO, buying drinks for these guys will be enough, drinks for 61 golfers could be very costly!   Have a unusual story or hole-in-one, let your NIMAGA friends know by sending in your own story!

 Check periodically over the winter months and check out any new items on the web site.

Speaking of special news? Any good stories or information that your friends at NIMAGA should know about? Send us photo’s and articles about what’s going on in the off season or up coming special dates. Any new holes-in-one?

Send them to and we will include them in a future NIMAGA notes.


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