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June 2008 

GOLFTEC Support and Gift certificates for NIMAGA Members

Every regular Monthly NIMAGA Tournament, within each division, GOLFTEC has offered a free 1 hour evaluation gift certificate to a golfer selected at random from our tournament: To be eligible, you must register to play and complete the round. Prior winners throughout the year are no longer eligible for the remainder of the calendar year.

Congratulations to April’s Spring Thaw Golftec gift certificate winners:

Palmer Division: Shawn Pipes
Player Division: Ken Larsen
Trevino Division:

Sad News – Walter Svihula

For those of you who may not have heard, NIMAGA lost a long time member, NIMAGA Board Member and Vice President and active amateur golfer and friend, Wally Svihula. Wally passed on Monday May 19 after a 6 month battle with brain cancer. NIMAGA will miss Wally and all of his efforts to help make NIMAGA the organization it is today.

Member Guest Event – Tuesday May 20. Prairie Landing

This top flight event was held on a great spring day and reflective of the scores that both members and guests shot. Make plans for next year to bring a guest or several. This year’s winner and scores:

Member Low division                              Member High division
1st $75.00/Clock- Steve Mueller                1st $75.00/ Clock- John Brdecka
2nd $40.00- Bob Miller                              2nd$40.00- Anthony Aguirre
3rd $20.00- John Pichla                              3rd$20.00- Roger Scott

Guest w/handicap Low                              Guest w/handicap High
1st $75.00/Clock-George Sarantopoulos     1st $75.00/ Clock Sal Reda
2nd $40.00- Brian Wohlfeil                          2nd $40.00- Neil Ward
3rd $20.00- Lou Ornoff                               3rd $20.00- Phil Prince

Guest no handicap Low                             Guest no handicap High
1st $75.00/ Clock Richard Vaughn               1st $75.00/ Clock J. Aguayo
2nd $40.00- Chip Shaw                               2nd $40.00- Ed Shine
3rd $20.00- Chuck Ellison                            3rd $20.00- Scott Marshall


June is a Busy Golfing Month

Summer Classic Tournament is on June 7, with courses at Whisper Creek, and Pine Crest, both in Huntley. Still time to get in the June Midweek Tuesday June 17 at The Links at Carillon ( new NIMAGA course) – only $50. Also, still time to enter the Senior Event which will be held at Fox Run (another new location for NIMAGA) on Monday June 23 – only $50 – qualification - must be 50+ years young to enter.



Please note the July event is a misprint.

The correct date for the Freedom Open is Sunday July 13th for all divisions


This annual premiere event celebrated it’s 19th anniversary on Sunday May 18 at Whitetail Ridge. 16 players from 3 different divisions competed in a match play and team better ball format against the other divisions. This qualification event takes last years top money winners from each division. Weather was a little chilly to start and delayed by a late spring frost, but overall the day turned out fine. The Trevino division, Captained by Brian Alberts, won the event with 14 points; Player division had 11.5 points with Palmer division at 10.5 points. Once again, the event was not finalized until the last two groups came in. Everyone can watch the standings for next year’s cup on our web site.


Special Charity Event - The Salvation Army Golf Day 2008

Roger Scott (long time NIMAGA member and past President) is managing this first ever event to be held Thursday June 26, 11:30am shot gun at Bartlett Hills Golf Club. There will be two divisions, Scramble and Best Ball. Included in the $95 fee is golf, cart, and diner. Also at diner will be a silent auction for donated items. There is a limit of 144 golfers to this event, so get your applications in early and support this excellent charity event (all proceeds go to the Salvation Army). For additional information, contact Roger at or call 630-483-4320. Scoring will be done by friends of NIMAGA.

Longest Drive in PGA History? May take awhile to beat this even with new technology!

Carl Cooper holds this record with a drive of 767 yards! Kind of makes those 350+ drives you see each week look – well, a little boring. At HEB Texas Open, on the Par 4 3rd hole his drive careened right and hit a cart path which sent it rolling down a hill and a mere 331 years past the green. It then took five more shots to finish the hole, three of which were needed just to get back to the green. 

Frequently Asked Questions
There is a new FAQ link on the menu. Check it out and hopefully it will help with those common questions that come before the board.


Rules Corner

Rules Corner: Your Ball hits another players ball while both are in Play?

Most golfers have seen another player’s ball hit a ball while that ball was on the green. Provided the ball that was played was from anywhere off the green, the ball that was on the green should always be replaced to it’s original spot whether or not the ball was knocked closer or further away from the hole.

What if no one was close to the green and everyone was unsure of the balls original location? The group should agree to place the ball at the nearest point they believe the ball was located prior to being hit.

What about the ball that hit the ball on the green? Golf rules call this the “rub of the green” in other words; the original ball on the green is a part of the golf course and the result of hitting the other ball and the ending location stand the same as if you hit the flag stick, tree, directional sign or any other object on the course. There is no relief for the ball that hits the other ball.

What if both balls are on the green and then the other ball hits a ball at rest on the green? The player who hits a ball (at rest) on the green would incur a 2 stroke penalty. It is the responsibility of the player who is about to hit a ball on a green to ask another player to mark his ball. If asked the other player is required to mark his ball in a way that should not affect the shot of the player about to hit. The ball that was at rest should be replaced as close as possible to it’s original location.

What if during the play of a hole and not on the green, a ball being played hits another ball? The ball that was just played and hit another ball at rest should play that ball from wherever it ends up (rub of the green). The original ball that was hit should be replaced to the original location, if unsure where exactly the ball was previously located, as close as possible to the original location. Under these circumstances neither player would incur a penalty.

Have a question about a rule? Send us an email.

For further info on this rule and others go to the USGA website


Members News


Check out the web site regularly! Many will notice some changes to our web site. A big thanks go out to Shawn Pipes, our tournament director and web guru! In a n effort to go green! And to lower costs (and a bit of work) we have eliminated much of the paper you would receive in the mail. Make a weekly habit of visiting our web site to check out the latest news and information. We still have a few members who either have difficulty in accessing the internet, and we are doing everything we can to assist them. If you know of someone who has this problem let us know and we’ll try and find them an internet friend who can keep them up to date! You will also note that we will be sending out regular email notes to advise members of upcoming events and special news.

 Check periodically over the winter months and check out any new items on the web site.

Speaking of special news? Any good stories or information that your friends at NIMAGA should know about? Send us photo’s and articles about what’s going on in the off season or up coming special dates. Any new holes-in-one?

Send them to and we will include them in a future NIMAGA notes.


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