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September 2007            John Brdecka

Message  from  the  President

 The 30th Annual Tournament of Winners was held at Blackberry Oaks G.C. in Bristol, IL on August 18th & 19th. NIMAGA’s Tournament of Winners is a qualification tournament where players qualify during regular and special events over the past year. The field is cut to the low 50% of golfers plus ties for day two. 50 players entered this year’s event and 28 made the cut for day two. Talk about wet, as if the course wasn’t enough of a challenge, the weather rained almost the entire event for both days. Golfers were put through the test of trying to stay dry and stay focused on their game. Focus was the key as staying dry was a losing battle.

Saturdays Low Gross scores heading into Sunday were 76, 2@79, 2@80, and 2@81. Low Net, a 69 was best and a final cut was made at 76.

First day gross score leader George Weber (76) could not hold off a spectacular round by Steve Mueller who shot 80 on day one. Steve was in the clubhouse early with three birdies on his way to a solid 72 on Sunday. Now he had to wait for the final groups to come in to see if it would hold up. It did and Steve defended his title (150) and has back-to back wins as Low Gross Champion.

Every group coming in Sunday changed the “net” leader board. Rising to the top at the end of the day was Ken Koranda. Ken shot 82 net 66 under Sundays challenging conditions. A playoff to see who would take home the hardware for 2nd ended with Mark Heinsohn defeating Kirk Miller (3rd) in the 3 hole playoff. Pete Vercillo ended up in 4th. The 5th place trophy was up for grabs with a four man playoff. Mark Cummings prevailed in the soggy, rain soaked conditions.

The results of the event are as follows (* Won 3 hole Playoff):


1st Place Gross- Steve Mueller 152
1st Place Net- Ken Koranda 140
2nd Place Net- Mark Heinsohn 143*
3rd Place Net- Kirk Miller 143
4th Place Net- Pete Vercillo 143
5th Place Net- Mark Cummings 145*

*-Won playoff


For Your Info

Please send in your tournament applications as soon as possible. Delays in sending in your applications till last minute has created some problems with getting tee times posted to website. Tee times will be posted as early as possible after deadline. Also, please do not staple checks to application. In some cases a revision date will be part of the delay. Get your applications in early!


Milwaukee Challenge Match

 The 32nd annual meeting of the Milwaukee County Public Links Association vs. NIMAGA will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2007 at the Evergreen Country Club in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. It’s a shot gun start at 8:00 AM followed by a steak cookout. NIMAGA’s team will be chosen to fill about 40 spots. Entry form will be posted on website

October Two Man Best Ball

Please remember that if you don’t have a partner for the October Two-man event we will pair you with a partner.

Late Registration Entries

More entries have been coming in later so please plan ahead and look at your schedules for the reminder of the year and get your entries in ASAP.

.Scoring White Cards

The white cards which you are required to sign and attest at the conclusion of each event requires that you certify the accuracy of each one of the scores on all 18 holes played.  It is critical that as a player or an attester, that you “do not” sign the card then ask questions later.  If there is any question about a score or an application of a rule, please consult with the tournament director prior to signing a white card.  If it’s done wrong you can be disqualified from the tournament and we would hate to see that happen.


Rules Corner

Rules of the Game
Rule 26-1 Water Hazards

Water hazards are indicated by yellow stakes and lines.  A ball is in a water hazard when any part of it touches the hazard.  When your ball is in or lost in a water hazard, you have three options:

1.)    Play the ball from within the hazard as it lies or under penalty of one stroke:

2.)    Play a ball from the spot where the original ball was last played.

3.)    Drop a ball behind the water hazard, keeping the point at which the original ball last crossed the margin of the hazard between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped.  There is no limit to how far back behind the hazard the ball may be dropped. 

Lateral water hazards are indicated by red stakes and lines.  You have the same three options above plus two additional options, again under penalty of one stroke

1.)    Drop a ball within two club-lengths of and not nearer the hole than the point at       which the original ball last crossed the margin of the hazard or 

2.)    Drop a ball within two club-lengths of a point on the opposite margin of the hazard equidistant from the hole. 

Note that if your ball crosses a water hazard and lands outside the hazard, but then spins or rolls back into the hazard, you cannot drop a ball on the green-side of the hazard.  However, the point at which the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard will be on the green-side of the hazard.

 For more information log onto the USGA web site at or the Royal and Ancient at and take the rules test.

New Members

The Marketing Committee would like everyone to know that Business cards and Bag Tags alone can’t bring in new members. We still need each of you to be bold enough to talk to your friends and people you meet at your regular golf courses about our group. NIMAGA has a place for all skill levels so please tell your friends and pass out the cards to people you meet. If you have any ideas about Marketing we have a committee who wants to hear from you.


For Your Info

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