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February 2007            John Brdecka

$$ - Deadline to $ave Money - $$

The February 18th deadline is soon approaching to save on your membership.  The application and check must be postmarked by February 18th.   This will saves you money on the package or regular membership.

Also donít forget you will get an additional $10 off for every new member (up to three) that you sign up. Remember your friend also gets $10 off his membership.  If you have someone on the fence, donít wait send your application in NOW!  You can always get the credit later.

Certified Handicap Golf, Inc.

All members will be receiving a kit from Certified Handicap Golf, Inc.  The kit will have information including the dates that scores need to be turned in for revision.

 Members who faxed in scores for handicap revisions will not be receiving postcards in their kit. Those who used the postcards last year will still receive them to turn in their scores.

You can always go the NIMAGA website and post your scores using the link to Certified Handicap Golf, Inc provided in the left hand column.

NEW Web Page

We have a new web site look. Go to and check it out.

All feedback is encouraged and welcomed.

Chicago Golf Show

This years golf show is March 16th - 18th.
Coupons available on the golf show web site.

Click Here to visit Chicago Golf Show Web Site

Changes for 2007
We have a new PO BOX for tournament entries:

PO Box #423
Crystal Lake, IL 60039

WE Need News

Are you going out of town on a golf trip? Have a birthday, anniversary or just want to share something with your golf buddies? 
Send your responses to and we will put it in the next newsletter and possible on the web.

NIMAGA Business Cards / Membership

Each member will receive 5 NIMAGA business cards in their initial mailing.  If you need more we will have them available at each event.

Please keep a couple in your wallet and a few in your golf bag. When you meet someone that you think might be interested in NIMAGA please hand them a card so they can get a brief idea about our group.

We still need new members and we need your help to make our group grow each year.

See you at the Spring Thaw!!!!

Members News

A long time member of NIMAGA recently celebrated his 80th birthday.
Happy 80th Birthday

Dick Gerasta & son Rick

Also, another longtime member
has become a grandfather
for the first time. Congratulations to

Alan Johnson & wife Ann

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