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April 2007            John Brdecka

Message  from  the  President

 WELCOME to the 2007 season of  NIMAGA, our 48th year! The board hopes that our tournaments will be a rewarding experience for each of you.  NIMAGA has always run “Golf Tournaments” not “Outings” so don’t be discouraged if you miss that 18 inch putt you now have to make.   If you have any questions about NIMAGA bring them to your tournament director.  Get to know the people that volunteer their time to make NIMAGA successful. If you are a new member be sure to read the monthly NIMAGA notes that are posted on the web site a week prior to each tournament. -
John Brdecka

Web Site

When this first “mailing” goes out to all the membership it’s always interesting to view the list of our members.  Many of you are new members who will be “finding your way” thru the whole process.  If you have indicated that you can obtain your tee times from the web site you will “NOT” be sent them for any regular tournaments.  When you log onto our web site at WWW.NIMAGA.ORG, the tee times for the April 7th tournament will be there by Monday – April 2nd.


Rules to Follow

There are a number of rules to follow in NIMAGA Tournaments:

1 - You must check in with the starter ten minutes prior to your tee time.  If you are late     and do not make your tee time you are assessed a two stroke penalty.  You must tee off with the last group of the tournament to avoid disqualification.

2 -There is a Pace of Play Rule in NIMAGA.  For 2007 the board has continued with the same policy we have used the past 2 years. The tournament directors have issued only a few penalties since installation of updating this rule, so the policy has worked to keep play moving. The Pace of Play Rule is: If a group finishes 14-18 minutes behind the group in front of them, and 26 minutes behind two groups in front of them – 1 Stroke Penalty 19 minutes or more behind the group in front of them, AND 26 minutes behind two groups in front of them – 2 Stoke Penalty

The first time in a year a member is in a slow group, the penalty is as written above. The second time in the same year a member is in a slow group, the penalty is twice what is written above. The third time in the same year a member is in a slow group, the penalty is twice what is written above.  In addition the board will review his membership. The only time these criteria will not apply is if the group’s total playing time is 4 hours or less. Keep up the good pace of play.

3 – You are responsible to keep each others scores and you will fill out a “white card” when finished that will certify the accuracy of each hole played. Take this responsibility seriously and do not rush to turn in your score.  If you make an addition error and all holes are reported correctly the Tournament Director will correct your error.  If you report a “4” (lower score) on a hole you had “5” on (higher score), you will be disqualified. If you report a “5” (higher score) on a hole you had a “4” on (lower score) you are stuck with that error. If you have a concern about a ruling, ask the Tournament Director “BEFORE” you submit your score.  If you are on the course and you and your group are unsure what is the ruling, play a second (alternate) ball.  Get the ruling from the Tournament Director!

Thank You

The NIMAGA board created term limits a number of years ago. As a result Roger Scott, Jim Cuny, John Lemm and John Griffin have stepped down from regular board membership Thank you for your time, effort an passion while serving on the board. We welcome three new directors to fill their places. Keith Buralli, Tom Gearhart and Shawn Pipes are on board and ready to contribute. Also a big thank you goes out to Scott Svihula who has overseen our website since inception. Shawn Pipes will be taking over his duties starting this year.

What To Expect From Us!

If you enter the regular tournaments by the deadline date the pairings will be mailed to those who do not have internet access and they will be posted on our web site about one week prior to the event.  About one week after the event you should receive a gift certificate if you “cashed” in the event.  The winning scores should be on our web site about a week after the event.  At the following months event you should receive the winners plaque.

New Members

In closing, all new members are asked to introduce themselves to the tournament directors at their first event. You will receive a NIMAGA bag tag from the director.

Get ready to tee it up!!  See everyone at the April event.

Members News


Did we miss something? Something you’d like membership to know about?

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