The 12 & 24 minute slow play rule was exceeded by a number of groups over the two day August Championship.  A number of two stroke penalties were applied.  A number of our competitors were not pleased by the rule!  A bit of history about this rule needs to be mentioned.  Ten plus years ago, NIMAGA had a “serious” problem with 5 plus hour rounds at our tournaments.  A number of golf courses we used threatened to cancel our tournaments if we continued to “backup their courses” due to our slow play.  The NIMAGA Board enacted the 12 + 24 minute rule as a means to speed up play and recover the reputation of NIMAGA at many golf courses.  The rule as it exists allows a tournament director to penalize slow play in an event which he is a competitor in as well.  NIMAGA has been unable to count on outside help to police our own problem.  We don’t have paid officials to give warnings or impose penalties.  The good news is that 5 plus hour rounds were eliminated, but some slow players and their playing partners were penalized.  It is time however, to revisit the slow play rule.  A sub-committee of the NIMAGA board has been appointed to review the current rule.  They will meet over the next two months to see what changes, if any, can be made to the current rule.  Your written comments will be added to others we have received within the past weeks so the committee would like to solicit your input.  The tournament directors do not like to give out the penalties however, they will over the next two events.  Don’t play slow like Jim Furyk and take too long on the greens.  Be respectful of your fellow playing partners and avoid slow play.


The 24th Annual Tournament of Winners Event was held at Shepherd’s Crook Golf Club in Zion, IL on August 18 & 19.  NIMAGA’s Tournament  of Winners event is a qualification tournament where only players who have placed in the top four places for regular tournaments during the past year are invited.  The event challenges golfers from all handicap divisions against each other based on handicaps.  The field is cut to the low 50% of golfers plus ties for day two.  56 players were entered and 31 made the cut for day two.  Perfect conditions on Saturday resulted in the low gross score of 73 by Robert Lynch and the cut was made at 75 net.  Windy and wet conditions on day two caused the scores to rise.  The results are as follows: 

Low Gross Winner; Robert Lynch, Palatine, 152

Low Net, Perry Variano, Des Plaines, 138

2nd place Low Net, Jim Kellner, Bartlett, 139

3rd place Low Net, John Tufo, Wayne, 140

4th place Low Net, Carl Movrich, LaGrange, 141

5th place Low Net, Jim Murrow, Addison, 142 


Alan Temkin, one of our former members died on August 18th due to an auto accident.  News of his death came during the Tournament of Winners event.  Alan was a many time winner in NIMAGA events along with being a former Tournament of Winners Low Gross Champion.  Many of our championship players will mourn the loss of such a solid competitor and friend.


The following players are the current leaders in each division to be invited to play in next years NIMAGA Cup.  It should be noted that qualification is based upon the division you play your last event in.  For example, I.E. Cavazos, the winner of the "B“ division Two Day event will qualify in the “A” division if that is where he plays his last event of the year.  Just like the Ryder Cup, there will be some players bumped off the list due to monies won in the last two events along with division changes.  Each team captain must add three captains choices to the nine top money winners to complete their teams.  The tournament director of each division will have the complete list at the September event. 


N. Kent

J. Lemm

K. Miller

R. Pintur

M. Sutton

T. Jordan

B. Lynch

B. Shulha

J. Murrow 


R. Scott

P. Vercillo

R. Gerasta

R. Ford

M. O’Donnell

J. Janata

T. Ocheltree

A.     Hutchinson

R. Yedinak



I.E. Cavazos

A. Leitschuh

C. Movrich

J. Tufo

J. Stahl

J. Neceda

S. Windisch

F. Fiarito

K. Buralli



M. Heinsohn

M. Masciola

N. Linnerud

N. Pivaronas

R. Doi

B. Alberts

T. McGhee

N. Denzinger

D. Sieger


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