The 2002 show will be on February 15-17, 2002 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.  NIMAGA will be at Booth #419.  Mark your calendars for next year and keep an eye on future NIMAGA notes for a promotion for NIMAGA members and friends who attend the show.  The next NIMAGA Notes will be posted on line and sent out during the week of 11/26. 


Bob Wykpisz, one of the “A” Division’s most successful members died of a heart attack on September 13th.  He was 55.  Bob won a number of events in his many years of competition.  His “go for it” style of play amazed his competition, as he would try the difficult or impossible shot.  He will be missed by all.  His wife has made a small contribution to NIMAGA in his memory. 



The 26th Annual Challenge Match was lost to the Milwaukee County Public Links (MCPLA) on Saturday, September 22, 2001.  NIMAGA lost the match play event 59-1/2 to 48-1/2, however, NIMAGA leads the series with 15 wins, 9 loses and 2 ties.  NIMAGA players who won all the three possible points in their matches were:  Ted Barkow, Mark Heinsohn, John Johnston, Dick Strutz, Mike Sutton and Pete Vercillo.  Matches were also won with 2 or 2-1/2 points by Tim Jordan, Andy Wurst, John Brdecka, Wally Svihula, Leo Cascio, Sal Lombardi Sr., Andy Hacker, Al Leitschuh and Brian Alberts.



All four tournament sites were affected by severe rain on September 9th.  NIMAGA rules have always been that if the golf course is open the tournament will go forward.  In the championship division, the players were removed from the course as the course was closed while our tournament was in progress. The course was never re-opened so a re-scheduled date was set for 9/16. In the “B” Division, the players returned to the clubhouse when the course became unplayable.  The course never returned to playability as rivers ran across the greens.  They replayed the event on 9/23. In the “A” Division play was stopped for 10-30 minutes and resumed and completed.  In the “C” Division, play was stopped and the back nine closed at the Oak Club.  The tournament directors completed the event by replaying the front side again to complete 18 holes.  Some players were happy to get the tournament over and done with while others wished we had cancelled and picked a replacement date.

The tournament directors who volunteer to run your events do the best they can under difficult circumstances.  They are charged with the responsibility to do everything possible to complete the tournament.  Re-schedules are uncommon in NIMAGA.  If the golf course is giving “rain checks” to others at the golf course, it does not apply to our events.  The golf course may go to cart path only or not permit carts at all.  We don’t cancel the event if you can’t take a cart.  We strive for a consistent approach at all the four sites but it can’t always be done if weather and course conditions differ. 


Long time member, Bob Jenkins had an accident while cleaning the gutters and broke his right leg and fractured his left ankle.  Bob said be careful this fall and he will be back next year.


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