APRIL 2001




WELCOME to the 2001 season of NIMAGA. The board hopes that our tournaments will be a rewarding experience for each of you.  NIMAGA has always run “Golf Tournaments” not “Outings” so don’t be discouraged if you miss that 18 inch putt you now have to make.  New members scores are generally higher until you get comfortable with the tournament golf experience.  It takes a few months to become tournament tough and some of us are still working at it after many years.  If you have any questions about NIMAGA bring them to your tournament director.  Get to know the people that volunteer their time to make NIMAGA successful


 Brian Alberts, a 21 year NIMAGA member was elected to the board at the November meeting.  Brian is a budget officer at the U.S. Attorney’s office and has worked there for 26 years.  He lives with his wife Mary and three children in Downers Grove.  He will share Tournament Director duties with  John Johnston in the “C” Division.  If you are new to NIMAGA or unsure who Brian is, greet him as he takes your scores at the April event.  NIMAGA is run by volunteers and we thank Brian for his efforts to make NIMAGA better.


 The Tournament of Winners will be held at the Shepard’s Crook Golf Club on August 18 and 19, 2001.  The NIMAGA Board decided to move the event from it’s traditional end of September time period.  This should give us warmer weather, no airation problems, but for this year one less month to qualify.  The last event to qualify will be the 2 Day August Championship.




 When the first “mailing” goes out to all the membership it’s always interesting to view the list of our members.  Many of you are new members who will be “finding your way” thru the whole process.  As we stated in the March mailing, if you have indicated that you can obtain your tee times from the web site you will “NOT” be sent them for any regular tournaments.  When you log onto our web site at WWW.NIMAGA.ORG, the tee times for the April 7th tournament will be there by Monday – April 2.  Many of our members failed to indicate internet ability.  Please indicate if you have not done so. Please get the asterisk fixed on your mailing label..



 Hey! Have you been wanting to play a private course or introduce a friend to NIMAGA?  Here is your chance to do both!  On Monday May 7th, NIMAGA will host a Member Guest event at Eaglebrook Country Club in Geneva, IL.  This event is designed to allow our membership an opportunity to bring a non-member and expose him to NIMAGA first hand.  The event is open to all NIMAGA members.  Guests are not required to have a certified handicap, but if they do, they will be allowed to use 90% of that handicap.  Guests without a handicap will be assigned one using the Callaway scoring system.  The 8:00 a.m. shot-gun event will be a two-man low gross/low net format.  Payout totals will be determined by the number of entries.  The cost of the event is $85.00 and includes: golf, cart, momento, prizes and refreshments after the round.  This is the first time NIMAGA has held an event on a private golf course and we look forward to an exciting day!  All current members should have received an application for this event but if you need one, please pick one up at the April event or call

Roger Scott at 630-483-4320



 Nevada Bob’s have taken our gift certificates for many years.  However, you may have had a redemption problem in the last year or two.  Steve Furuta, the former owner, has re-purchased the eight Chicagoland outlets.  He assured NIMAGA that our gift certificate would be taken at all of their outlets.


 Our level of play continues to be lower than we would like to see it.  For every 100 members only about 58 sign up for each event.  We need to get more members to meet our guarantees at each golf course.  Let your friends know about NIMAGA and direct them to our

web site. Any board member can get your friends information about joining NIMAGA!



 Everyone should have received a brief March Newsletter, tournament entry blanks for the regular events plus a one page sheet of entry blanks for the Member-Guest, Midweek and Seniors event.  The “Self-Sealing” envelopes came open for a few people, so if you don’t have these items, please pick them up at the April event or call Roger Scott at 630-483-4320 to have it resent.


 NIMAGA RUNS Golf Tournaments NOT Golf Outings.  Please do not put yourself and your playing partners in an awkward position of disqualifying your efforts by using an Callaway ERCII Driver or other non-conforming equipment!



 Any member who would like to post any appropriate information will have the opportunity, as we will devote a portion of NIMAGA notes to communicate with the rest of the membership.

 If you need a substitute player to fill in your Saturday or Sunday group, or if  you are short a player to go to Myrtle Beach, perhaps the members corner will help!

 Our first item is:


           Dick has been a long time NIMAGA member.  He will  have entry blanks at the April event.

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