MAY 2000




This is our first premium event at the better courses as requested by our members.  The entry count is “very” low for a May event.  May and June have always been the events with the largest entry.  With 198 entered in the April event we would anticipate about 210 entries for May.  We have only 137!  Why is this important?  Our guarantees at each golf course are not being met which can cause future problems.  We need a better showing in the July and September premium events to continue the premium event concept.



 If you withdrew from the rescheduled event on April 22 you have a $45 credit for regular members and a $30 credit for package members.  The 24 players that withdrew should apply that credit on their entry for their next event.



 The teams are being finalized this week and the pairings for this 48-player event will be posted on the NIMAGA web site by May 12th.  No mailing will be sent if you noted that you had web access.  If you do not have web access the pairing will be mailed.  The event is on May 21st at the Tamarack Golf Club.  The defending champion team is the “B” Division.



 Many have asked “When will we post tee times or results on the web site?”  Our plan is to do so starting in July.  The first posting of a tee time sheet will be the NIMAGA Cup on May 12th.  Do take a look at WWW.NIMAGA.ORG for that posting.



 The Dana Johnson memorial will be placed at the fourth tee of the Buffalo Grove Golf Course around the Memorial Day Weekend.  An informal gathering to dedicate the plaque will be held on Monday June 5th

Remember that the deadline for each tournament noted on the entry blank is a “received’ date not a postmarked date.

 The July and September tournaments at Carillon have changed from a 1st tee time at 12:00 PM to a 1st tee time at 10:30 AM.

 The course/slope rating sheets that were available at the April event will also be available at the May event.

 There will be no board meeting on May 1st.



 The April NIMAGA notes addressed our “proper conduct” and respect toward our fellow competitors. 

 Recent newspaper articles have portrayed numerous incidences of “Golf Rage”.  Perhaps the leading cause of golf rage appears to be slow play.  Loud conduct and the feeling that “I’m paying a lot of money so I’ll do what I want” also have led to golf rage.

 The only minor problem in NIMAGA is when a group is given a two-stroke penalty for slow play.  If this happens or if you are penalized for any reason lets remember to exhibit “proper conduct”.

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