JUNE 2000




The eleventh annual event was contested over the challenging Tammarack Golf Club in Naperville. Modest winds, very thick rough and the pressure of supporting your team were the conditions to be dealt with.  The event is a "Ryder Cup" type of competition which is great fun. The Championship Division won in 1990 & 1992, the A division in 1993, 94, 95 and 96, the B Division won in 1997 and the C division won in 1991 and 1998.

The challenge of giving strokes to all opponents have been difficult for the Championship Division but led by Capt. Ken Miller they won very soundly - Championship 13 1/2, A Division 8 1/2, B Division 5 1/2, and C Division 8 1/2. The pairs of players who swept their matches were: Championship - Tim Jordan - Jim Murrow, Steve Mueller - Bob Wykpisz and Ken Miller - John Pichla. Mark Cardelli - John Lemm, Fred Miller - Steve Brown of A Swept their match along with John Brdecka - Roger Scott of the B Division. The winning 12 players each received a $75.00 certificate. Captain Ken Miller takes the cup until next year.



On Monday June 26th the annual event will be held for the NIMAGA members who are 50 and over on the day of the event. There will be a split field with the lowest 50% of handicaps in the Low Division and the balance in the High Division. New for 2000 will be shotgun 8:00am start so all players will quickly know upon finishing where they placed. Mill Creek is a newer course to Chicago land area with a lot of scenic holes. Be sure to send your entry in ASAP to the proper P.O. Box in Golf, Illinois. 



 This may be your last regular event tee sheet that will be mailed. We will NOT mail the tee sheet for the July 9th Freedom Open to those who have internet access. It will be posted on our web site www.nimaga.org by Wednesday 7/5. The results from our tournaments will also be posted on the web site along with NIMAGA Notes. To summarize - If you have internet access you will "not" receive a mailing the one week prior to the tournament. There are still a number of members who have an address label that shows an asterisk. R Jones R/*. If yours looks like this, please inform Certified Golf that you do not or do have internet access. We will assume all * have access and will not mail to those with an *!


In order to retain good golf courses we must avoid Slow Play. At the NIMAGA Cup two groups finished 25 minutes behind the group in front of them. This causes the first group to play in 4 hours 10 minutes while the last group took 5 hours plus.  A few points must be noted. Slow play is based upon falling behind the group in front of  them.  It is not based on the group behind you. If you group is a hole behind the group in front of you, its not enough, not to be holding up anyone behind you. Having a golf cart does not insure fast play as in the NIMAGA Cup all players had carts. Its often the little things that cost each player a little time that can lead to slow play. Only 30 seconds wasted  by a player per hole can put your group 30 minutes behind. Try to identify what these 30 second time wasters are for you and your groups to insure slow play is not a problem. Your tournament directors do not like to give slow play penalties of 2 strokes per player in each group so lets eliminate the problem.

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