JULY 2000




 The Mid-Week Open will be held at the Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville on Monday, July 24th.  The first tee time will be 11:00 am.  Mistwood is a very challenging course that will hold the Illinois Women’s Open the week of our event.  Mistwood is new to Chicago’s market as it opened in September, 1998.  It has a 15 acre 300 yard deep practice range.    The course was inspired by the British Isles best inland courses so sign up early as the field is limited!



This July tournament is the first event that a tee time sheet is “not” mailed to the total membership.  Tee times, NIMAGA Notes and Event Results will be posted on our web site WWW.NIMAGA.ORG.  The April and May results will be available from your tournament director, they will not be mailed.  If you don’t have access to our web site, find a friend who does as you can keep up on NIMAGA matters. 


 NIMAGA has issued gift certificates for forty years.  Many retail suppliers have been happy to get our certificates for many years.  There has been a change in the Chicago retail golf market in the past year or two.  Nevada Bob’s was reorganized to new ownership.  Golfsmith and Golf Galaxy have entered the Chicago market.  These three outlets are trying to decide if they will take our certificates.  As of today, 6/23 Nevada Bob’s and Golf Galaxy have not approved us, Golfsmith has given approval,  however reports of some problems at certain locations have been reported.  We are working to gain acceptance and will report our progress in NIMAGA Notes.  We will have a report next month on the outlets who have accepted our certificates.



 Long time board member, Dana Johnson passed away in April, 1999.  A number of his friends contributed to a memorial which was dedicated on June 5th at the Buffalo Grove Golf Club.  It is located next to the fourth tee a 200 yard Par 3 that Dana had a hole in one at.  If you get a chance to play at Buffalo Grove look for the plaque dedicated to a true “Friend of NIMAGA”.

 Pete Vercillo had his first hole in one at the 6th hole at the Willow Crest Golf Club.  He used a 7 wood into the wind on the 195 yard hole.  It was celebrated along with NIMAGA’s John Lemm and Bob Lynch.  If you have any celebrations to report, please send them to the web site or the Bloomingdale P.O. Box.

 Page 6 of the NIMAGA brochure states the any member who does not report all of their golf scores may be subject to penalty.  What this means is that if a score is posted in the newspaper or on the internet we expect that score to be reported.

 The July tournament is our second event with “carts included”.  It was observed in the May event that foursomes were not ready to tee off and the concept of sharing a cart was new to the many walkers who were on their own in the past.  Please find your cart partner and check in at the starter ten minutes prior to your tee time.


 The Oak Club of Genoa (previously know as Elwood Greens) has returned to the NIMAGA lineup after several years hiatus.  This is a long course that has matured with the growth of many new trees.  The rough is long and many holes have out of bounds, rivers along new developments bordering a few holes.  New is the par 4 10th hole which is now straight at 420 yards long.  Numerous positive comments came from the A Division in spite of high scores due to strong winds.


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