AUGUST 2000



Since the July 9th Freedom Open was the first event that a tee sheet was “NOT” mailed to the total membership, a few concerns should be noted:

1.      It appears that all the player’s found their tee times at each of the four sites, however, many people failed to read NIMAGA notes.  Even if you are not playing in the current month’s tournament, please get in the habit of reading the notes a few days before the event.

2.      Since we are no longer sending a “MASS” mailing to all members we don’t want you to miss the special events such as the Milwaukee Challenge Match on September 23rd.   


 The 25th annual meeting of the Milwaukee County Public Links Association vs. NIMAGA will be held on Saturday, September 23, 2000 at the Evergreen Country Club in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  NIMAGA leads the series 14 to 8 with two matches tied.  Alan Johnson will captain the NIMAGA team and he reports that interest is high for the 25th annual match.  It’s a shot gun start at 8:00 AM followed by a steak cookout.  Be sure to sign up by the August 15th deadline! 


 The Midweek Tournament was held at the Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville, IL on Monday July 24th. Most of the players had never played the course, yet with all the water, fescue grass, lateral hazards and fast greens, the scores were quite good.  The low handicap division was won by Rich Garza with a 78-10 net 68.  The high handicap division was won by Brad Kunas with his career low round 74-18 net 56.  Note for all Players!  You were told to turn in this score, however, NIMAGA will turn it in for you.  DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR MISTWOOD SCORE.



We are pleased to report another hole in one from a NIMAGA player on June 25th at the Chevy Chase Golf Club – Dick Smith, one of the top players in the “B” Division scored an ace on the 7th hole 162 yards with a 5 iron.  Herb Grotewold from the “B” Division was one of the witnesses.  Keep those good reports coming in!

 The white cards which you are required to sign and attest at the conclusion of each event requires that you certify the accuracy of each one of the scores on all 18 holes played.  It is critical that as a player or an attester, that you “do not” sign the card then ask questions later.  If there is any question about a score or an application of a rule, please consult with the tournament director prior to signing a white card.  If it’s done wrong you can be disqualified from the tournament and we would hate to see that happen. 

At each handicap revision there are two or more faxes that have no number, no name and no note such as “In case this fax is unreadable, please call Robert Jones at Phone #”.  The fax master sheet must have at least the number and name!

 It’s the last week of July and a few members still do not meet the minimum score rule.  Please consult your brochure and turn in your scores.  A few members only show tournament scores.  You must turn in all your scores! 

The starting time for Sundays “B” Division at Buffalo Grove is 12:30 PM which is one-half hour earlier than Saturdays 1:00 PM time.

 At the midweek event “C” Division tournament director J. J. Johnston received a $5.00 coupon for properly replacing his divot.  Good Golf etiquette can pay dividends!


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