APRIL 2000




 Welcome to the 2000 golf season! With the days getting longer and the milder temperatures we have experienced, our thoughts turn to golf and the first NIMAGA event. We are not an “outing” which often has a poorer level of conduct.  Respect your fellow competitors and please display proper golf etiquette.

We are pleased to see so many new members this year.  Your NIMAGA tournament experience will make you a better of player.



 We all know the adage that “You only have one chance to make a “good” first impression.”  This year NIMAGA will be making a number of First Impressions.  We are using 16 sites for our regular tournaments with 6 brand new to NIMAGA.  The 5 special events will have 4 new sites for this year.  It is very important to make that good “first” impression.  Slow play has proven to be the number one problem when we have tried to obtain good courses.  Be aware of your pace of play!  The change this year to better courses will only be successful if we are well received at the new sites.


 NIMAGA had a booth at the February show in Rosemont and more than 20,000 attendees got a look at the 250+ booths.  Many board members gave their time to man the booth and a special thank you goes to Dick Gerasta, Doug Clark and Scott Somoygi for their time to talk about NIMAGA.


 Your first event will be an exciting but nervous experience.  You’re not playing with your friends

who give you that two-foot putt.  You now have to make them all!



 Many new members do not play their best in their first tournament.  Do not be discouraged if that’s true for you.  It takes a few events to become tournament tough.

There are slow-play penalties in NIMAGA.  NIMAGA events require that each group “MUST” finish and report to the scorer’s table within 12 minutes of the group in front or 24 minutes of the group that is two groups in front.  These time limits are liberal so be aware of your pace of play.  Each player within the group penalized receives a two-stroke penalty if this time limit is exceeded.

At the conclusion of your round of golf you will proceed directly to the “scorers table” which is run by the Tournament Director who is a NIMAGA Board member.  If you have any questions, or do not understand a ruling, please consult your Tournament Director prior to signing any score cards.



 The letters behind my name on my mailing label mean what?  N = new member, Z = new package member, R = regular member, P = package member.  The second letter indicates your answer to the access the internet website question – N = no internet access, I = internet access.  If you have an asterisk (*) you have not answered the question.  Please answer when you next fax or mail your scores.

Certified Golf handles all the details on our mailing list.  If your address changes or phone changes, please send a note to Certified to update your records.  If you send notes to the Bloomingdale P.O. Box it will delay your changes.

Everyone should have received the mailing from Certified Golf plus the entry blanks for each tournament.  If you have not received this material, please call either Certified Golf or Roger Scott (630-483-4320) for the entry blanks.


 The NIMAGA Cup will be held on May 21st, at the Tamarack Golf Club.  The top nine money winners in each of the four NIMAGA divisions from last year qualify for this event.  If any of the top nine players are unable to play, the first alternate is number 10 player, 2nd alternate number 11 player, etc.  When the top nine players in each division who are able to play are identified, the team captain who is the board member in the division with the highest earnings, will choose three captains choices.  The 12 players from each division are put into 6 two man teams so that each division has two Ryder Cup type matches against their three opponents.  The top nine in each division are:









Tom McKeon

Dan Dorr*

Neil Linnerud

John Agnos

Greg Miles

Fred Miller

Roger Scott*

Bill McGhee

Bob Lemon

Bob Chantry

Jim Stahl

Rich Williams

Bob Wykpisz

Greg McDonnell

John Brdecka

Brian Alberts

Kim Lahti

Jim Biegon

Tom Gearhardt

Al Urbanski

Ken Miller*

Brad Kunas

Rich Leiber

Bill Scherr

Don Szmania

Steve Brown

Jim Arden

Al Leitshuh

Mike Sutton

Lewis Jones

Tom Patek

Joe Marchese

Jim Murrow

John Snow

Yoshi Mori

Sam Burns




John Johnston*





 * Team Captain


If you have a few friends who are on the fence about joining NIMAGA, please let them know that they can still join by April 12th and still play in the remainder of the tournaments this year.  Applications can be obtained by calling Jack Quedens at 773-631-6813 or Roger Scott at 630-483-4320.  Extra applications will be available at the April Event at the scorer’s table.  The course rating sheet will also be available for pickup at the scorer’s table.  If you have any questions about NIMAGA, the tournament Directors are there to give you assistance.

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