"Looking Forward to Next year"

A survey was taken of all players at the October event.  The Board appreciates each player's interest in our organization.  The results of the survey will effect a number of changes for the next year.  Based on "your" comments NIMAGA will revise it's lineup of courses next year in the May, July, September and October events.  The April, June and August events will remain unchanged.  A number of the "least" favorite courses will be removed from the lineup.  A number of newer more upscale courses that cost more and that require a cart will be used for May, July and September.  These events will cost more to play in, but with an added cart and also the top prize increased to $125.00 for each months event, the Board believes NIMAGA will continue to deliver an excellent value.  This is made possible by the volunteering of hours of service to deliver these tournaments.

Next years new courses to be added are: Heritage Bluffs, Links of Carillon, Chalet Hills, Prairie Isle, Steeple Chase and Shepard's Crook.  Midlane and Oak Club of Genoa received very favorable reviews and their usage will be expanded.  The Tournament of Winners Event will be held at the Golf Club of Illinois.  The NIMAGA Cup will be played at the Tamarack Golf Club.  The NIMAGA Seniors event will be contested at the Mill Creek Golf Club.  The NIMAGA Mid-Week Championship will move to the Mistwood Club.  Many of these new courses were requested in the October survey, so your input helped to make these changes.

                                    "NOW WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT"

"Tournament of Winners"

The weekend of October 2nd and 3rd saw perhaps the worst weather in the last few months, but 62 players teed off at the challenging Blackhawk Golf Club.  Saturday's  scores were quite high with a net 81 making the 50% cut line.  Double-digit scores on a number of holes were common.  The 9th hole was especially difficult for everyone.  One player scored a "21" on the ninth which we determined later if he only had a 15 he would have made the cut.  Day 2 was constant  rain and just plain challenging conditions.  The detailed results are included but we must state that the score that Mike Sutton shot on day two was perhaps one of the best rounds in NIMAGA history.  The TOW 3 hole playoff procedure was used to settle the ties.  This was done via matching scorecards, as the course was unplayable for a regular playoff.  Brian Alberts came from seven strokes behind to win.  He proved along with others that when you make the cut, you always have a chance to place in the top five.           

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